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3D Carnivorous Plants Collection

This is a collection of 8 carnivorous plants.
Created in Blender. Materials are procedurally generated. They can easily be modified, removed, or replaced.
Collection contains:
1. Sarracenia (trumpet pitcher)
2. Darlingtonia (cobra lily)
3. Heliamphora (sun pitcher)
4. Cephalotus (Albany pitcher plant)
5. Drosera (sundew)
6. Nepenthes (tropical pitcher plant)
7. Dionaea (Venus flytrap)
8. Pinguicula (butterwort)

Clean and optimised topology is used for maximum polygon efficiency. All objects are named and presented as separate parts.
Several exchange formats including .blend, .OBJ, .fbx, .DAE, .stl

Poly count (Modifiers OFF and subd. level 0):
Sarracenia: Verts: 454 Faces: 333
Darlingtonia: Verts: 1312 Faces: 1101
Heliamphora: Verts: 900 Faces: 684
Cephalotus: Verts: 1537 Faces: 1055
Drosera: Verts: 258 Faces: 231
Nepenthes: Verts: 2274 Faces: 1938
Dionaea: Verts: 7491 Faces: 725
Pinguicula: Verts: 551 Faces: 383

(Tot. 14777 verts. and 6450 faces)